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A reiki session can remove stress at a cellular level, which makes it a great benefit to daily life and overall health.


Reiki is NOT a form of massage, although can make a person feel just as relaxed. The reiki treatment is done with the person lying on the table full clothed with cushions and blankets as needed and the practitioner will share reiki beginning at the head and working down to the feet , depending on each person areas of pain and concern can be addressed.


Here is a short list of areas where reiki has been used to assist;

  • Pre and post surgery support

  • Depression and addiction

  • Cancer support

  • Asthma & children's issues

  • Sleep problems

  • Repairing broken bones faster

  • Release of anxiety and emotional upset

  • Freedom from trauma

  • Reducing aches and pains

  • Increasing positive attitude

  • Increasing motivation

  • Assists with building a healthier awareness of self care

The 7 Level System is the only complete form of reiki that can offer a therapeutic attunement which gives you a chance to feel and use the reiki energy at home for up to 4-5 days.


The first treatment is generally a full body 1 hour treatment releasing muscle tension, mental stress and bringing calmness along with individual benefits that are felt differently by each person. Similar to any health plan generally more than 1 treatment is needed to address specific issues. Any questions are always welcomed.


Types of reiki sessions available:

Each reiki session will be experienced differently due to individual needs on the day.

Some are:

Spinal treatment - Relieves back pain, helps to restore movement and overall health to the spine.

Balancing treatment - Restores balance to the whole body.

Heart Balance treatment - Gently clears & balances the emotions.

Chakra treatment -Increased health to the endocrine system and organs.

Taralea Grace conducts reiki  South and Western Brisbane areas and is a member of ASLOR with over 17 years experience as practitioner and teacher in various parts of the globe.


Treatments are also available at the Sunshine Coast by appointment with another member of our experienced team who is available to contact at

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