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All reiki classes taught by teachers of the Original Seven Level system are kept consistent worldwide. All study books of the 7 Level system are kept the same even when translating from english to other languages. 7 Level system teachers are currently practicing in Australia, Britain, Czech Republic, Scotland, Japan. 

Taralea is a part of the ASLOR group of teachers dedicated the the complete system with more than 17 years experience as a practitioner and Reiki 3B Teacher. She has used reiki to assist many, including young children with ADHD and adults suffering from MS, to assist them on their journey of continued good health & quality of life.


Information and Reiki classes are available on all 7-practitioner levels. The cost of each class is set by ASLOR and not the individual teacher. This is to maintain consistency and reflect the value of information and energy increase at each level of reiki studied.

Taralea Grace
Reiki Level 1 course
(1 day)
In this one day course each person is safely aligned to the reiki energy and can continue to use this for life. Four permanent reiki attunements complete this course.


You will learn:

  • How reiki boosts and compliments all systems within the body

  • How reiki benefits in everyday life

  • Practical ways of using reiki to boost energy for self and others

  • Full course book provided*

  • Certificate awarded upon competency*


Reiki Level 1 course bookings


Please contact us to discuss upcoming dates, most classes are held once a month.


Reiki Level 2 course

This 2 Day course is held over 2 consecutive Saturday's OR Sunday (discussed on class confirmation)

Classes are for anyone that's completed Reiki Level 1 of the Seven Level System, if you're interested in this next level we'd love to hear from you!


Please use the enquiries form for more details.

You will learn:

  • Three of the original reiki symbols

  • The full explanation and meaning of the symbols and how to use them

  • How to manifest things further in life e.g.,new job, home, car, happier relationships

  • Send Reiki to future and past events

  • Learn how to give an 80 minute treatment in just five minutes!

  • Full course book provided*

  • Certificate awarded upon full completion*

Reiki Level 2

This is a two day certified course. Certificates given upon full completion. The course provides information for public liability insurance and other memberships. 

Please note up to Reiki level 7 and beyond into the teacher levels can be studied with different teachers in the Seven Level System Reiki team due to our commitment of maintaining consistent education across Australia. 

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