7 Levels of Reiki

There are 7 main chakra's commonly known in other studies such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture to name a few. The word chakra also means energy wheel and chakra's are connected to the nervous system and to our 7 major organs vital to the functioning of our body.

The 7 Level System is a gentle ascension process of energy, each level of reiki builds upon the energy of the previous level creating strength in balance. Beginning at reiki Level 1 through to Level 7, each level increases qualities of self awareness and intuition as each attunement given is shared by a teacher of the full Seven Level system of reiki. Due to the high level of training, you can rest assured you are receiving the correct reiki symbols and highest quality of service at each level studied with any number of ASLOR practitioners & teachers worldwide.

The list below shows all 7 levels of Reiki and the corresponding main chakra it supports in the body.

Reiki 1 - highlights the base and crown, moving forward in life from just existing, to living true purposes.

Reiki 2 - highlights the sacral centre, clearing past limitations and programs.

Reiki 3 - highlights the solar plexus, emotions are cleared from the solar plexus before opening the heart.

Reiki 4 - highlights the heart, opens up the heart before speaking from the heart. (throat - Reiki 5)

Reiki 5 - highlights the throat, self-esteem, self worth, the ability to live one's truth.

Reiki 6 - highlights the third eye, awareness and intuition expansion.

Reiki 7 - highlights the crown, infinite expansion of the crown with wisdom.

It's important to know that learning Reiki 1 is a great foundation for increasing the amount of extra energy that flows through your hands and body on a day to day basis, enabling you to do more in your daily activities. 

It is a personal choice to continue learning the higher levels of reiki and is up to each person as to how much they wish to use reiki and the tools given. Reiki level 1 is an excellent tool to gently clear negativity and support forward action in your daily life.

Brisbane Reiki ~7 Levels

 Strength in balance

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