What Is Reiki?

Reiki is another word for universal life force energy.  Everyday this energy pumps blood around our heart and is vital to moving our body and breathing. It's in the waves of the ocean, and in the growth of nature & life. Reiki is a specific formula used to permanently access more energy improving overall quality of life.

Reiki is a precise and scientific formula, for example like water is h2o. The Original 7 Level System of Reiki is the true and correct formula of reiki and each level correlates to the seven main chakras (energy wheels) that are connected to the seven main organs in the body.

In it's true form reiki is safe and has no contraindications, improving quality of health throughout body and mind and a person's entire being. At Brisbane Reiki ~ 7 Levels, we uphold the truth of the entire 7 level system do our best to educate this consistently.

Reiki  assists the body's endocrine, immune and circulatory system by gently clearing away imbalances at the causal level that create illness. The Seven Level System is the only form of reiki that can offer a therapeutic temporary attunement for a person to experience using the energy themselves for up to 4-5 days. This gives you an opportunity to feel the benefits and to decide if learning reiki is right for you.

Taralea Grace is part of a dedicated team that strives to uphold the information of the Original Seven Level System of Reiki throughout Australia and worldwide. This is done through consistency of educational materials created by ASLOR- the Association of Seven Level System of Reiki.

Our commitment is to bring you the truth that there are 7 levels of reiki and all information about the Original 7 level System in our reiki classes is explained clearly.  This allows everyone to understand why the full system is necessary, the history, and why there are so many other types of reiki being taught today. This empowers each person to walk forward in strength with the complete knowledge, whilst supporting each individual's health to continue to move beyond personal limitations.

By booking in for a reiki session you can experience the positive benefits that extend well beyond the treatment time. Taralea currently teaches reiki and shares reiki sessions in the Brisbane region.Please head to our enquiries page for more information.


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